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I don't think that anyone would enjoy reading this unless they read what I had put before. ...I hope that it was important enough to read...

After the crash, I had to pay the damages. It will cost me $562 that I will have to pay with what I have been working for all summer. But I have paid it off, and the crash is over.

My coach allowed me to come back to our runs. We had a long talk about my commitment to the team and how I was affecting my fellow teammates. I have been able to start running, and now I am running better than ever.

Our piano is obviously fixed. It is a grand piano... something that my parents have spent a lot of money to buy. They know my passion for the piano and spend such an investment on that. I'm so grateful for that.

My friends are forgiving me. ...I wasn't very clear on my post about why they left me. It was my fault. I said some things I shouldn't have. Things that scared me that I had lost their trust forever. But they are so wonderful to me. They are fine. Things aren't perfect, but things are better... And they will only get better through time.

My girlfriend and I... So bittersweet.... We talked until 4:30 one night in a park. We talked about our future plans together and what we want to happen. I love her so much. She is going to college. I have one more year of High School. But we can't get married or anything because of this distance. It will be a while. But we will have to see what happens.


I don't think that everyone must have God in their lives. I certainly enourage a faith because it can mean peace and joy. It can mean comfort in your downfalls and honor when you are strong. For me... trusting in a loving God has led to what I believe to be blessings. I felt much like Job... with so many trials. But I know that my trials are no greater than some that others go through. I also feel that because of my faith in humanity and my faith in my God that I have been blessed with a life that is healing from past wounds.

I hate to preach to people. But I also want to share what I am feeling. If you have no room for God... that's fine. I just want people to have faith that things truly do get better. They have for me. You just have to keep fighting. You have to love your life with it's trials and it's strengths.

In this experience, I've learned something. Don't give up. Once you do, no one can help you. You can cry and complain about what's unfair... But you have the power to beat the odds. I have.

I hope that others can take this for it's simple message. Have faith in God, in life... have faith in yourself.

Discipline makes you happy.

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