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Unexpected Gifts

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Okay, so I had a going away party yesterday. I'm going to be going away for school, and so my mom invited a bunch of relatives and friends and fellow students over and made my favorite food (lasanga, mom makes the best ever)and it was fun all around.

The unexpected part? They brought presents. o_O My friends the Langs brought me a GBA game to play on the plane (Zelda, for I am a Link addict) and my relatives all brought me cards (many of which had money tucked inside). This just shocked me. I made a point of not asking for pressies, due to a couisn of mine who begged money off of most of the memebers of the family for a trip to Norway. I didn't want to ask people to help fund what is (Educational benifits aside) essentially me gratifying my own self-centered wishes. *G*

But they did it all on their lonesome! I was just surprised, and happy, and I don't know, WAFFy. It just made me feel like my family supported me (didn't _understand_ why I wanted to _move_ to _Japan_, yes, but supported me. ^_^) and that they wanted the best for me. So yeah. Warm and Fuzzy Feelings abound over here.

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Re: Unexpected Gifts

Oh great good for you. I love getting presents and things when you dont ask for them, i think its the best. Its one thing exchanging gifts at christmas or birthdays, but the presents that really stand out are the ones for no particular reason. Those ones mean the person is really thinking about you and not just buying a present because they feel they have to.

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Re: Unexpected Gifts

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Awww. That's so cool. You're family and friends must really care about you. I would feel so special, and you probably do =D. Well, enjoy all of your presents.

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