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Orbit the cat

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When she was born she was the smallest of all the litter. About the size of a baby mouse.
Her mom, Feonia, chose to have her babies at the foot of our bed one afternoon about three months ago.
When I got home from work Kevin, my husband showed me this wonderful group of small black and one grey babies, the newest additions to our family.

When Orbit would nurse her tail would make circles, hence the name Orbit. She was so small, and I know that's one of the reasons we all got so attached to her.
She was slower in doing things than her brothers and sisters, but she was a fighter, and with our help, survived.

About a month ago, one of her sisters, who loved to have her tummy rubbed and the more you rubbed it the more she would hang the top part of her body down, until she was almost upside down, got injured one night and passed away the same night.

The other three black kitties found homes and that left Orbit here along with Feonia and Floyd, Feonia's brother.

As the weeks have passed we watched her get stronger and even though she was still slow in many ways, she was so sweet in nature. Behind her ears were little tufts of fur which were so soft. One of our room mates would bring her inside and share his dinner with her, and spend time just loving on her. The rest of us would bring her in the house just to be with her.

She would look at you and it would melt your heart and everyone who met her fell in love with her. She never ventured very far from the back porch and from the shelter we made for her and her mom.

The other night, when we had the party out here was the last time anyone saw her. That same night, the roommate who would feed her found a pool of blood on the ground right by the door.
That same night we found another baby kitten from one of the litters that was born just a few weeks after Orbit and her brothers and sisters were born dead not far from the pool of blood. But no trace of Orbit.

Since that night, the older cats, when they meow, seem to be crying in their meows. Kevin, who is as close to being a Dr. Doolittle as any human I've ever seen, keeps asking them to show him where Orbit is. They lead him to a patch of tall flowers and weeds by the walkway, and then they go in a little bit and start making that meowing-crying sound. They keep doing that every time he asks them.

We're pretty sure she is dead, but we'd love to know for sure.
So we could at least burry her.

Besides being everyone's favorite little girl around here, I think, at least for me was a reflection of how hard life is sometimes, and how being the underdog is where alot of us, who are here, have been so many times in the last year. She was our hero. I just hope we find her, she deserves to be taken care of, not just lost to some field...

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