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I'm new here and this is my first journal post ... I was hoping there is an introductory forum or something .. or there probably is and I just cant find it ... anyways ... I'm hoping to understand how this board works and hopefully find my way around it ..

oh yeah ... a little about myself .... I'm an art student ... and Im 18 years old ... have a huge interest in music and although a draw a little i'm more into photography ...

umm ... if you want to know more ... uhh .. ask me =D


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Re: Meep!

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Well the introduction is simple. Write about your feelings, write about what moves you. Participate in other discussions. Don't be a braindead and you will have a very good life here on =)

I think you will find a very nice group of extremely intelligent people here in which to converse.

Have fun. Welcome.

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Re: Meep!

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Thank you magic ... I just realized that I've seen you before.. and apparently your a member on DA ... nice to see you here too... though you dont really know me there ... in any case

Thanks again for the warm welcome and I think I'll love it here =)

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Yep I'm a member of DA, my nick is majic12.

What is your nick on DA? I want to visit your page.

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Re: Ep

WELCOME! NAO is a great site with so many interesting people. I'm sure you'll love it and like *majic* said, just write about your feelings, experiences and opinions... Have fun! xxx

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