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Be this love

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I listened to the ocean's dull beat on the sand for hours. I've left this world for a trance-like state of digging my toes into the sand and thinking of her. An entire universe had been revealed. What was, what is, what may be... they all became one. This train of thought was a pious motley of pain, love, and passion.

Looking for her red shirt and khakis at the fair. So innocent a wink and a blown kiss leading me on. She was teasing, but I wouldn't believe it. For one day, we laughed and loved and made silent promises to each other. Complete ecstasy.

Holding me when her mother died. My arms became beacons of trust. Her innocent eyes gazed at me searching for answers. Tears shed for none. Teaching, learning, loving... these were moments of strength in human capacity and faith in God.

Phone calls until the sun breaks into tomorrow. Believing that things will turn out. Loving her with words, needing her with heart. Missing can be there for you if you can say it right.

Holding her at the drive-in. The movie has faded from view, and now all that matters is the feeling. Just to stay there for the night... just to pretend that we never had to go home. Stopping time was easier, anyway.

An innocent kiss in the gardens. God watched from the moon and smiled with assurance. Heart racing... thinking but fighting a losing battle. Losing yourself in the feeling. Innocent passion.

Letting her slip away. Watch her leave with all of my dreams. See her destiny take her from me. Losing the one thing that I could never watch lost. A part of my life taken. Letting her slip away...

Be this love - a foolish twist of fate and the innocent sacrifice of your past... sharing a love that becomes stronger than your will to live... Following your instincts... Finding the answer to your cries from mortality... And finding an answer to your purpose in this grand state of being.

The ocean's symphony has played it's piece. I've heard it for the last time. I wake up... Look at the footprintes left... Pick up my feet, and walk towards my destiny...

Discipline makes you happy.

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