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Oct 29, 2001 09:31 # 263

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Women' s Liberation

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Just got a load of finest jeanswear and other stuff from my fiancee's brother... not because it doesn't fit him anymore, but because his girlfriend forbid him to wear it. :-)

Next week I'll rant about that he really shouldn't drive such a dangerous and nasty thing as a Harley. I wonder what happened if I convinced her...

When life hands you a lemon, that's 40% of your RDA of vitamin C taken care of.

Dec 26, 2001 14:46 # 1046

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Re: Women' s Liberation

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yo null! ye better hold onto yer fiancee's brother. isn't it nice to have loads of new clothes. By the way, would you mind giving me some of the loot? :)

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