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Radio Free Antarctica

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hey folks....if you haven't done so already, tune in to my internet radio station: Radio Free Antarctica
the easiest way to get is to go to , then go to either "antarctica" or "skelmonkey" on the search engine...
then just follow the instructions to listen in
I'm on low bitrate, so even those poor losers on crappy dial-ups can tune in....the bitrate is low enough that you can even tune in on a hand-held comp...
it'll be on a "looped broadcast" til saturday...then, with a little luck, I should be live again...tune in and feel free to email any requests to ... or if you have MSN messenger, go ahead and message should have automic permission til you piss me off and I block you....but it takes a lot to piss me off...(I refuse to honor requests for Metallica...they're the ones that started messing up internet music...and deserve to pay for it by getting NO airplay)
I will, however, play anything by martin, or any other artists who hang out here...provided they haven't officially said "don't play it"
of course...these rules are subject to change by the lackeys of the entertainment industry...but...if I get official permission ...I'm gonna play it til I can't

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