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To the older generation

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Dear Gran-ma

Am sorry to see you suffuring, I remember you young when I was a child, you protect me and helped me as you understood that "am weak child" at my age of 30 I see you lossing your are at old age in advanced years or the latte period of your life. too much changes, from vision problems with no noticeable loss of hearing. Fatigue; appetite loss; insomnia; difficulty concentrating; loss of interest in life or the ability to enjoy it; feelings of emptiness, guilt, sadness, and hopelessness; wishing for death; and thinking of the last day....

I can not stop thinking about nummber of perssons in your situation, even worse....abused and used

the question is: when will we have a kind of "Oldery Protection" as we do have for "Child protection"


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Re: To the older generation

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I'm know that watching someone you love grow old is hard, and how our society treats the elderly is disgraceful.
It really does suck.

As the laws stand now, there are some protections in place, but I think what needs to change as a whole is how the elder are viewed in this country.

In other countries the elderly are viewed as treasures, and are taken care of by both families and the state. There is a reverance for their knowledge and a sorrow at their passing.
When children are raised in some villages the elderly have a huge part in the process, and in distinct contrast to this country, they are not shuffled off to some facility where they are often lost in the shuffle.

It has much to do with our obsession with youth and beauty, the surface kind, that is fading and fleeting.
The plastic surgery industry is a booming business in this country, so are fashion magazines, and the make-up industry.
We are told repeatedly that only youth and out ward beauty is important. Nothing else matters.
And because it's been repeatedly shoved in our face over and over for years and years, we act accordingly.
Subsequently thoes who are past a certian age get treated as less than human alot of times, and families don't want to deal with them or take care of them, and sometimes when they do, they are unequipped to handle the emotional states of thoes growing old.

Think about it, wouldn't you have a hard time functioning if your body that used to work to take care of you, wasn't working anymore the way you needed it to, and your mind was still in good working order, so all you could do was sit there and watch your self falling apart. Wouldn't that piss you off? Make you not want to eat? Not want to wake up in the morning?

And to add insult to injury, knowing that the people you spent alot of time with, watching them grow up, loving them, doing things with them and for them, had now turned on you and stuffed you in a home where they didn't have to be a part of your falling apart process, wouldn't that make you depressed?
Your old now, and useless now so we're going to entrust you to people who don't know you and could give a shit less if your happy or not.

Our attitudes as a society need to change about the elderly, and when thoes do, we'll not be so depenant on laws to protect them, because we will.
It won't do away with all abuses that occur. But our value of the elderly will be such that when abuse does occur the laws will be inforced because there will be a rise of public outcry that demands it, just as we have done for children.

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