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Wheel Of Time - Robert Jordan, revisited

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Roughly 8000 pages later: (no spoilers in here)

Phew..Mac, you were right..working through volumes 7 upward was exactly that, hard work. One cant say there is nothing happening, but what's actually happening only brings more confusion and does not solve any of the early riddles. At the end of Vol.10 "Crossroads of Twilight" with no more book to go on with, you feel empty, left alone, disappointed, and most of all utterly confused. It was hard to follow all the started threads and trying to combine them on your mind while reading those books from start to finish. How will that turn out to be, if you read the next volume(s) only with 2 years of break in between?

And still, you learn to fall in love with the characters, with the world. I guess, everyone knows the feeling of sadness and melancholy, when you finish a book you liked. You sort of have to say good bye to the characters you got to know so closely. Here its no good bye, they just are not around anymore, they still exist somewhere, like some friends on vacations, but they wont show up for quite a while. And you start missing them, ...well..I do.

Technically speaking WOT is far from being a literary masterpiece. At best its a matter of diligence and assiduity with even a few really annoying things in it. I mean... who can keep track of 1,800 genuinely different named characters, if there weren't people even more crazy than me, who created something like this? (Thats a new character introduced every 4 pages!)

By the time you learn about special peculiarities of the author, that make you smile or make you even angry. Jordan is OBSESSED with women's clothing. Take out all the parts, where he describes gowns and silks and you can easily save one volume! Women in WOT always fiddle about their clothes, "smoothing her silks", when they dont control themselves. And if they do, they are "planting fists to their hips". Of course such repeated gestures are getting more and more obvious the longer it takes. was finally borne in on me, that every person in the world of WOT must be born with a frown on their faces! "Frowning" and variations must be the most used word in the books! :)

There is even something more serious to criticize. In my view there are not many ideas and motives really new in WOT. I could make up a list of at least 30 ideas, that were "borrowed" somewhere else and just combined to something new. Mac mentioned the "never healing wound", let me add just two obvious others to give you an idea of it: "the one power", the magic, they are mastering, is in using as well as in power and social effects similar to what the Yedi of Star Wars held. And the "Whitecloaks" are outwardly as well as intellectually twin brothers of Christian Crusaders.

But all that aside, this is one wonderful book. Always entertaining and thrilling, emotional and captivating. One might discuss the length. Whether or not it was necessary or just milking the cows, while they were out on the meadow, it doesn't really matter, cause Jordan gave us what he did. And we're always free to read it or not. Me, I'm starting all over again! And oh.. btw.. just in case you dont want to read the books, but still want to know, what its all about: try this page! :)

But one thing is for sure, Mr.R.Jordan. If you choose to chicken out and die before finishing the story, because you lost control of it yourself or something, I swear I will personally come and get you by the balls. I will drag you to the deepest depths of Hell and see a room for you prepared there, just exclusively for you and noone else. A room, where the fires will be burning hotter than all suns combined for the rest of your unholy soul's existence, where you will be sitting forever in a pot of boiling oil with forks in your eyes to keep your lids open and you will watch "Sex and the city" over and over again, until the end of all existences, until time itself forgot it once was a wheel to turn!

So, better get it done, laddy, quick!

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