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Apr 21, 2002 17:00 # 2784

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Duane Hanson's Superrealism

I just spent a wonderful weekend with Ettena at Stuttgart where we visited an arts gallery that had works of Duane Hanson and Otto Dix on display. I didn't care about the latter, but Hanson's work just blew me away.

Imagine common people, charladies or construction workers, standing in that gallery. You walk up to them, wondering what's up with them, then you realize with a shock: These people ain't real.

They look real. Really real. Scary real. I'm not talking about Madame Tussaud's wax figures here. These people look like locked in time. Wearing real clothes. Hair, scars, pores of the skin, even small scratches are modelled with a love for detail I never saw before. Watching at those people made me dizzy.

I even mistook some of the gallery guests as models. Actually I even tried this prank myself :) Ettena meant it would be a clever idea for a museum thief to pose as a model for the day, and when everyone's gone steal Hanson's work.

It would even work.

Look at pictures from Hanson's model here or here. Of course those bad JPEG images can never capture their reality. If you ever get the chance to see some of his works alive, do it!

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