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Wandering Penguins

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Have you ever wondered what your reaction would be if some morning in the not too distant future and open your door and find a penguin staring up at you?

It's an amazing thing to consider. How would a penguin find the climate where you live? Maybe he or she accidently got on the wrong boat and then ended up in a mess of cargo crates and some how the post office missed the bird and then it found it's way to your door. Barring any traffic accidents by seeing such a strange sight on the street.

I can immagine the bird would be tired and thristy and I can immagine the person viewing the bird would be in a state of speachlessness for at least a little while, and then react some how...

What a delicious thought. To be utterly and completely caught off gard. It would make the papers. You'd talk about the day for years and that look of this black and white animated creature standing at your door. This is getting better and better....

I would love to be able to hear the penguins thoughts at that moment. And be able to speak penguin with him or her. Wouldn't that be amazing?
Think of all the things you could talk about with a penguin...I'm not sure they would understand the concept of fast food places though, considering they have to fend off seals and sharks to eat, and I'm sure the idea of paying for daycare would simply go over their sense of parenthood responsiblities.

Can you immagine talking to a penguin about t.v.? Something that so fills our lives and many times acts a substitue baby sitter.

I wonder what they think of us? If they could would they keep us in zoos so they could study our behavior, and mating rituals and how we take care of our children?

So many things to think about. So much is missed in daily life, also known as the rat race, the daily grind, same stuff, just a different day thing...
When was the last time you spent time wondering about something?
And let thoes thoughts take you somewhere and maybe in the process show you some really amazing things about you?

Do your self a favor and the next time you pick up something that seems out of place, why not take a few minuets and let it take you on a journey somewhere...maybe to oz or maybe to neverland or maybe even to the moon or saturn or venus...or maybe to the very center of the universe..or maybe to the next cookie in the jar. *smiling*

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