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Thanksgiving (Redneck style)

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I spent my thanksgiving with my father, and I really have to say, as contrary to the standard thanksgiving as it was, it was by all means a great and enjoyable one.

To explain the contrary, we didn't enjoy a dry turkey, no, we had what we called the entire day: "Deer Ass!"

We ate a venison roast, and it was absolutely great. It was cooked alongside onions, potatoes, and baby carrots, amidst various unnamable spices. In it's entirety, naught but a meal remeniscent of the roast my father made years ago, making the deer ass all the better. Well, I wasn't able to get my annual tryptophan fix, but It will make next years all the better!

We also made a fairly uncommon trip to blockbuster. We split the fee, and rented Chronicles of Riddick and Shreck 2; both of which great films, made even better because they served to carry on great characters. Of course this is not to mention the countless episodes of American Chopper and King of the Hill that possessed our veiwing time. :]

Overall, not what I expected out of a thanksgiving, but by all means better. So how was everyone else's holiday?

I should be ashamed of myself.

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