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The circus

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In the movie "the seven faces of dr. Low", there is a line that goes "the whole world is a circus if you know how to look at it"

It's profound. Simple and profound. Just like the line from "harold and maude, "oh how the world dearly loves a cage."

Truth and simplicty. It's so clear. It's the kind of clear that feels like a morning that's too cold.

I had a dream last night about a strange circus. There was a midget dressed as the cartoon chacter little lu lu, and a giant man who were preformers in this odd scene.

The truth about the giant just being a man who was short and fat wearing lots and lots of things to make him look huge.
And the midget's true ideanty was only revealed behind the scenes.
A man dressing in costume. The illusion was competed by the world outside the office was a twisted array of sights and sounds that would come just long enough so that the person watching would be completely convinced that what they were seeing was real.

Once a person stepped through the doors, it was very different. Like a huge office, any office of any corporate company anywhere.

The bottom line was to keep the people on the other side of the door completely convinced that they were at the most unusal circus that ever existed.

They came by the hundreds. Spent money like crazy and when it was done, they were hooked and had to keep comming back, even to the point where it was the most important thing in their lives.

I finally at last understood something. Very real. Most of the things we own are because of this circus. It's got us convinced that we need this or that and none of it that we spend our lives enslaved for has anything to do with the basic needs of our lives.

What circus am I refering to? The answer is very simple. The corporate world.
To them the human population is nothing more than wallets with legs.
That's all.
So they cater to our whims, and convince us that our lives are going to be less than if we don't buy what they are selling.
And if we don't, what happens to the majority of stuff that fills millions of shelves in millions of stores, it's distroyed.
Thrown into the trash and that in turn is taken to some landfill to further cause harm to enviorment...

When I realized that nothing I could do, or would do in my job would ever make any kind of difference, everything changed.
The stress stopped. Completely.

I stopped thinking about all the what if's, and all the ways that I could make what I do make a difference.
The bottom line is that the corporation is looking at me to see what kind of numbers I will produce for them. Translated how much money am I going to make them?

The very top level of the corporate world only cares about if they will get to buy that new what ever, or go on that trip, the one of a life time, like all thoes other trips of a life time, taken year after year.
The perks. The rewards. The very expensive toys. The rich food.
The money....

I realized I really don't matter. Only how much money I can make. That's all.

I'm a performer that is required to be on all the time. Never sad, or frustrated or anything else for that matter.
A replaceable object if I don't make them money.
I have only so much time to prove that I can make them money or they will replace me with another object until they find one that makes good money for them.

A sucess.

But today is a new day. You can't sit on how good you did yesterday. That doesn't matter. How well will you perform today?

A circus. With lots and lots of things that shine and sparkle so that you will just "have to have it"

Yes, you will cease to exist with out the "thing".
Yes, you will no longer be on the cutting edge of the lastest fad, whim, want, obsession.
You have to be there. In the front....where everyone can see how it's awesome being you....

The circus of the corporate world. Invading our lives one day, one hour, one minuet, one second at a time.

The really sad part is....we know it, but don't give a shit as long as our "need" is fed.

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