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Nov 29, 2004 17:40 # 29632

punkitten * is unsure about...

November 29

It's been a long time...

What Where When Why Who

...and should I even care?

I love singing. I wish that could be all there is to it. Just singing. Not theory, not composition, not the harmonic progression of the relative minor key to E major. (Which is C#)

It was a long time ago... in a place that we go in our minds
It's a time that we know... it's a time that I hope we can find

Hey give me space so I can breathe

What happens when you don't think that you are the person that you thought you were? Do you have to change everything just to be someone... again?

I'm glad to see my hours went from 20 to 7. What a switch. Makes me feel like riverdancing.

I'm going to write a letter.


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