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Dec 01, 2004 06:27 # 29701

kaizley *** isn't happy...

That TIme of Year

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It's coming around again, slowly creeping in... The 1st of December and the beginning of one of the hardest five days that I have ever... and I mean EVER had to live through. It's her birthday today, and in five days... she'll be gone... again.

I'm getting the shivers just thinking about it. The only songs that are running through my head... I love your way, I can't explain... what made me change.... I LOVE YOUR WAY and Well I was born to try. I learned love. Be understanding and believe in life... I'm going to have to cry a bit soon.

It feels so wierd thinking.... today is her birthday... and she'll be 17... but she won't be at the same time. I feel sort of bad, becuase I didn't know her very well... but I still feel really really sad... like something is missing. Like that good old "depression" is coming back.

Sometimes I forget about her, and I feel soooo shitty.... cause I forgot about her. I can't forget...

as the memory gathers dust, buried in it's crust, are the remains of what we've done, and the seed of what we've just begun. The tapping of the rain beats a corrugated drum
And the city glow well it pulses on to the city hum

I love your way.... truly I do... and I'm sorry it had to happen to you. I'm sorry you were the first to go. You didn't deserve it. I'm sorry this has all affected everyone... and I mean, seriously EVERYONE. We all miss you.. we love you...

and too afraid, you're too afraid to fall for anything. and too afraid, much too afraid to sing.

Dec 01, 2004 17:36 # 29711

Aynjell *** can sympathize...


I really wish I had something to say that would make it all better for you, but majic words don't exist. I can say that there are better things to think about, one of which being the cliche "good times", because if you mourn this person's death as much as you do, then there were good times...

Just remember that there is always something good, and I'm sure, associating your freind with sadness, can't be good for you. Try remembering her fondly...

Love, a powerful thing.

I should be ashamed of myself.

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