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Books are great

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Personally, i love to read books. I have over 30 of them in my room, varying from sci-fi to anime/manga. Though whenever i get anime/manga books i can read one within an hour so my dad doesn't really like getting me those books, but i love them. My other books i can read within a day or so, depending on how big the book is. If i could i would by a million books. But i don't have money for that. Anyways, the big point here, is that books are good. You can learn things from some books, go on an adventure through others, and have a party from yet another. It all depends on what you like to read, and even if you like to read or not, if not, i think you're missin out. Because books can take you to another world. I have many different varieties, which keeps things interesting. You just have to have an open outlook, and you can read anything you set your mind on.........Ah the joy of books....

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Re: Books are great

Perhaps you might be interested in a post I wrote about a week ago. It looks into why we read and write, as well as what it is about literature that has kept it around since the days of Homer and Virgil.


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