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What a wonderful place...

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I have been gone from NAO for some time. I simply lost interest, because I felt that I was too busy. There are a few who have read my posts who know a little more about that...

Now that I have come back, I have only one thing to say. Thank you for your hospitality. This is a community that brings people of all walks of life, in different places on the globe, with different political mindsets, ages, religions, hobbies, talents, and reasons for being here. Looking back at the people I have known here, it is so wonderful to say that I am here again. This is somewhere where all things in my life can be put aside, and the most widely vaying interests can be expressed.

I have been able to post everything in my life that has ever meant anything to me, as well as talk about politics, intellect, music, poetry, jokes, small talk... Anything and everything. I have made true friends here that have made me a better person and have brought me to seeing the word ina new light.

To those I have abandoned, I am sorry. To those that welcome meback, thank you. To those who have just come, know that this is a community that has changed everyone for the better.

You can roll your eyes when you read this post, but I can say for myself that I have been blessed to be associated with here.

Thank you. Thank you for everything.

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Re: What a wonderful place...

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Many have said it, but few could have said it better. Welcome back!

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Thanks to you!

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Your posts are always refreshing. It seems to me that many people here (especially the new people, although I hate generalizing) have a misunderstanding or disrespect for this website. Surely you've seen it. I've read more and more posts that are just plain awful. I'm grateful for you and your writing.

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Re: What a wonderful place...

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Glad to have an old voice of reason returning. Hope you stick around for a while!

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Jan 09, 2005 14:08 # 31075

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Re: What a wonderful place...

I'm glad you enjoy your stay.

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