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Thomas Kinkade

This artist is too good. Just wanted to share my experience.

My wife and I had gone to Charlottesville, in Virginia to visit a friend and to visit the University of Virginia Campus. In the city of Charlottesville, we were just strolling around the mall, when we accidently stopped near a Thomas Kinkade Art Gallery. And, believe me, it was one experience of a kind. Both of us just kept on staring at the his work for about 3-4 hours. His work is simply amazing! He uses a technique by which his paintings change their colours depending on the light in the room. He is also known as the 'artist of light'.

We truly enjoy his creations. We have got a chance to visit some more of his art galleries while visiting Seattle and the Smokey mountains in Tennessee. And, we just adore this artist.

Has anyone in NAO heard about him? If you do have an interest in Art, then I suggest that you definitely have a look at few of his creations. One website where his work of art can be seen is

BTW, my wife is an artist, and she was into portraits and sketches earlier, but after looking at Kinkade's art, she turned into a landscape artist. Once she joins me from India, we will take the photos of her work and put it in a website.

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Re: Thomas Kinkade

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Re: Thomas Kinkade

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Virginia is a great State and I love it there. I have so many memories of good times in Virginia. Its a place that I love!

Very true! We lived in Reston (around 150 miles from Charlottesville, 25 miles from D.C.) for about a year. And all the time that we spent in the US (close to 3 years), virginia is the most beautiful place we have found so far.

And, charlottesville is the second most best place we found in the US, second only to the Shanendoah National Park (also in Virginia). It's scenic beauty is amazing!

Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye opener.

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My wife is from Danville. We also both like Virginia.

We are kind of aiming toward moving out there to teach once my PhD is completed (not to Danville, though :) ). It's a very pretty state.


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