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Jan 24, 2005 22:22 # 31875

CTPhoenix *** wants to know...

The Name Game

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I believe it was Magnifico who asked me what CTPhoenix stood for. I went through a long explanation, only to realise that I didn't understand what his own name meant.

I'm sure that many of the names on NAO were arbitrarily registered... But I would be interested to hear where everyone's name came from.


CTPhoenix comes in two parts. CT stands for Chrono Trigger. Some may understand, some may not. But it is a beautiful story about time travel and ending the apocalypse... Something I loved as a child and never let go. Moreover, "CT" is meant to represent the music, because my own style of music comes from some of the chord changes that Yasunori Mitsuda used when writing the score. It is an infatuation I have...

The "Phoenix" is meant to parallel my own story of religious discovery. The old flame of the dying Phoenix represents my parents' testimony instilled in me. Something that obviously comes with a childhood. The death the flames itself represents the crucible of school and peers that have made me discover what I truly want. The new flame of a reborn Phoenix lastly represents my own personal strength that I wish to last and sustain me throughout my life. NOTE: It has NOTHING to do with Harry Potter. I hate him. And I do know that it isn't capitalized. But it is so familiarly analagous to my name that I would prefer the wrong punctuation.


Does anyone else have any significance, deep or thin, to their own names? Any personal meaning to the signatures, perhaps? Anything that is seen hundreds of times on this site and left unquestioned... a small question. But I would like everyone who can to write.

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eljefe *** replies...

Re: The Name Game

Jan 25, 2005 00:08 # 31891

baexcell *** replies...

Re: The Name Game

My name is simply my first 2 initials B.A. and my last name Excell

Jan 25, 2005 01:23 # 31893

Magnifico *** replies...


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I got my name, not from some egotistical idea that I'm magnificent (really, I'm not that megalomaniacal. . . I promise!), but from Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" series. Magnifico was the runaway court jester of The Mule, a mutant whose curious powers were able to throw out the course of history that had been planned long before. It's really a crazy storyline, and kinda hard to explain, but the books are really good. The only problem is that some of the ideas, though novel at the time, have been made cliché by the sheer volume of sci-fi that has come out in Asimov's wake.

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Jan 25, 2005 01:55 # 31901

ReallyCoolDude *** replies...

Re: The Name Game

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My internet identity is supposed to hide my true self. I am complete opposite in real life. I am shy in real life. Hell, I didn't even know that I can write well, and people could appreciate what I write till I stumbled upon NAO. So, my screen names and my passwords, and my signatures, all tend to be something that I aspire to be, or something that I am completely NOT.

Deduction: I am not really that cool in real life.

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Jan 25, 2005 03:31 # 31912

CTPhoenix *** replies...

Re: The Name Game

Well, I hate making this forum a support group. We're all *adults* here... But despite... In reading your posts, I CAN deduce that you are intelligent and have more to say than you give yourself credit. Moreover, I'd like to just say it for you. For you to tell yourself that you do have talent is something that I could only hope you could take and keep you strong when everyone else leaves.

Besides, cool is a state of mind. I think I'm amazingly sexy, so thus it is true.

Discipline makes you happy.

Jan 26, 2005 10:14 # 32024

MelMel *** replies...

Re: The Name Game

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Mel was taken....

since NAO though, the name MelMel has stuck in real life thanks to Jeanette and Lemonyeyes... and the fact that i tend to talk in third person quite a bit.

-Mel ;)

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Jan 26, 2005 12:58 # 32036

null has all the information you need...

Re: The Name Game

Null, because it's short and doesn't really mean anything. :-)

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Jan 27, 2005 22:19 # 32104

eljefe *** replies...

Re: The Name Game

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Null, because it's short and doesn't really mean anything. :-)

Literally ;)

Fond memories

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Jan 28, 2005 08:11 # 32125

null replies...

Re: The Name Game


That's exactly the reason. :-)

When life hands you a lemon, that's 40% of your RDA of vitamin C taken care of.

Jan 26, 2005 15:14 # 32039

Orchid *** throws in her two cents...

Re: The Name Game

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I'm not sure anymore. I think I just wanted a beautiful name, or at least something you make beautiful associations with. :P Don't laugh, every girl wants to be nice or is there anyone around who'd call herself uglyskunk5? Exactly.
Well, rose was to easy and I haven't yet discovered my favourite flower - sunflower, so, the flower that came to my mind that moment was the orchid. I didn't come to know of Arwen that time though.
Now I like my screenname. There aren't too many people who chose the same ;) But sometimes, a chance would be nice. But therefor, I'd have to make a new email-account (I don't need, I've got already enough) or something like that ;)

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Jan 26, 2005 17:42 # 32045

ginsterbusch *** replies...

Re: The Name Game

The long adventure of finding my current pseudonyme has already been outragingly covered ages ago in this story:

About my nick's name

cu, w0lf.

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Jan 26, 2005 17:55 # 32046

Aynjell *** replies...

Re: The Name Game

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Well, aynjell is the first of a two part name, both of them stemming from a brush with wicca, and a book full of less than realistic content. Well, for some reason, they reccomended the creation of a name (one you wanted) that would serve as your namesake in "the craft."

Being bored I decided to play along, but they decided to add a twist. The provided a graph full of mathematical values for each letter and recommend that the name be mathematically equivelent to your real name so that it was as natural as the current...

So, based on that, I came up with Aynjell Starwing. While my need for the craft died, the need for an alias didn't. So, that's my story...

I'm interested in more. Who else has a kick ass name?

I should be ashamed of myself.

Jan 27, 2005 22:21 # 32106

eljefe *** replies...

Re: The Name Game

Who can beat "the boss"?

Fond memories

Jan 26, 2005 18:18 # 32049

jael *** replies...

Re: The Name Game

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For people who know me a little better know that I also go by the name "Blue".

Blue - cause and old friend pointed out that I always wear something blue and even I didnt realize that until he pointed it out and so after .. people started calling me blue.

Jael - means Mountain goat or 'to ascend' in hebrew. When I was younger I was really fascinated with star signs and I'm a capricorn with puts me as a mountain goat.. so therefore - Jael

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Jan 26, 2005 18:35 # 32050

andromacha *** replies...

Re: The Name Game

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Well, I guess that mine is a really normal name, but I will post what it is anyway.

According to Greek mythology, Andromacha was the wife of Hector; she was taken captive after his death and the fall of Troy. She then became the wife of Neoptolemus.

There is nothing much to say about it. During high school we had to read the whole Iliadis in Latin, and I got fascinated by this character, and so there comes the name.

I wanted to add some more informations, also for you to look on the 'net, but unfortunately everything I found was in Latin, and it might be pretty useless, since I assume that the majority of the people here doesn't know it. (I myself still understand it quite well, but now all the cases don't make much sense anymore, and when I have to translate something I do it in a sort of automatic way, as it is quite easy for an Italian).

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Jan 27, 2005 21:36 # 32102

Hawkeye *** wants to note...

Re: The Name Game

I wish I could say my name came from some marvelous reference to modern literature, but I can't.

Rather, I used to play a lot of games. I went by the alias Hawkeye, and obviously I stuck with it because that's how everyone knew me.

I used to be "pharaoh" but I got sick of it after a while. :)

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Jan 27, 2005 21:49 # 32103

andromacha *** wants to note...

Re: The Name Game

I used to be "pharaoh"

Actually, he even made a spelling mistake in his username, because in fact it used to be "pharoh".
That's also the username he had on ICQ the very first day we met :)

Italy no longer accepts illegal immigrants. Mr. B sink their boats!!!!!!!

Feb 20, 2005 06:16 # 33224

rosyxxx *** has all the information you need...

Re: Of mountain goats and emptiness...

I'll respond to this thread first by saying that reading about everyone else's names here was fairly enlightening...

Mine stems from several ideas:

1) people actually acuse me at times of looking at the world through rose-colored glasses...

2) I love roses... and was thinking of Carole Maso's The Room Lit By Roses...and little rosettes, and little babies...

3) I thought that the idea of 'pink lips' and the triple-x rating together covers the explanation of my mode of earning a living in a humourous way...So far, I have covered both sides of my personality: the child and the wanna-be sex goddess... *snorts*

4) I was thinking of 'Gypsy Rose Lee' in that respect, as well...

5) An 'x' is a '+' turned on it's side, and represents not only a St. Andrews cross, but the Rosy Cross.... (and no, I do not like the Dan Brown book - I think he is a bit facile as an author, and has inspired too many nuts to believe that his word is a sort of 'Bible'- , but I have read it...)

6) The Rosicrucians, whom I am fascinated by....

7) 'Roissy Croix' - the place where 'O's' lover takes her in Pauline Reage's book The Story of O...

For the record, I AM into B&D, not S&M... but only with people who do not have a mean-streak at their core... and I only like to be involved in role-playing every once in a while... not 24/7 lifestyle... which, I guess, makes me a dilettante...whatever. I saw the larger picture in the story of learning to trust, and didn't really like the nefarious characters that peopled 'O's' world. I prefer learning to trust someone who deserves it, rather than humiliation. Two very different ideas present in the B&D/S&M culture, which in my opinion shouldn't always be lumped together...

I have more the attitude of Rosy O'Donnell's character in the movie adaptation of Anne Rice's book: Exit to Eden... where she says: "B&D, S&M, M&M?" I'll thank you not to eat my pink M&Ms.... };->

P.S. Thanks again, r_pendragon for the pink m&ms. I am saving them for a special occasion, and with the preservatives that Mars candies puts in that chocolate... they should last quite some time...

Looking for Mr. M&M... not really... it's a joke. ;P

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Jan 28, 2005 06:26 # 32124

Wednesdays_Child *** replies...

Re: The Name Game

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Heh. It comes from a children's rhyme. "Monday's child is fair of face, Tuesday's child is full of grace, Wednesday's child is full of woe, Thursday's child has far to go, Friday's child is loving and giving, Saturday's child works hard for a living, But the child born on the Sabbath day is bonny and blythe and good and gay."

Though I would point out that I picked Wednesday's Child not because I'm full of woe (more like sarcasm, or possibly apathy) but because I've always thought it would be a great name for a band.

What can I say? I never said it was deep. ^_~

"She's at that awkward age. Too old for romantic misadventures, too young for mystic kung fu powers.

Feb 17, 2005 18:48 # 33134

MrCrash *** replies...

Re: The Name Game

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I picked mine about 15 years ago, when I was at the age of ten. I needed a nickname (I believe at this time we called it a handle) for my upstarting career as a coder/artist/cracker on the C64.
I asked my older bro about the english term for "Absturz", and so Mr.Crash of Fragglesoft it was (or MC/FRS for short).
That's also the main reason why it may sound a little infatile... ;)

That makes me a sa-a-a-a-a-ad Panda...

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Feb 17, 2005 22:00 # 33139

Salvial_Ten *** replies...

Re: The Name Game

Mine stemmed from boredom one night while sitting in my room. I'd just aquired the Salival box set and decided to use it somehow in a username/handle/nickname/whatever-one-chooses-to-call-it, sheer randomness had the 'ten' added to it. As is noticable, I typoed and ended up with salvial. I looked it up to see if it was really a word and I found something saying that it ment "having to do with or being of the pepperment family". So I ended up with having "pepperment ten" or "pepperment tin", if one chooses to go that way with it...

Looking back on it, I now see how silly it really is.


--Jami Yeah, that's gonna sting in the morning.

Feb 20, 2005 04:30 # 33217

kaizley *** replies...

Re: The Name Game

My name came from and alternative baby name site. I thought it was cool so I decided to borrow it. :)

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