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What if you had fallen In love at first sightÖ. yet you ignore it because it could be foolish.
Yet God Brings her to you again,Ö and yet again run from her knowing it couldnít be God.
What if she kept seeking your friendship,Ö and you discourage her and try to run.
What if she comes to you and tells you she felt lead by God,Ö and you refuse to look into her eyes
What if God gave you one last chance for the dream with her,Ö and you give her up to make shure she has that dream.
What if no one came to make shure that dream came true, What if she was to far to see or hear?

What if you couldnít let go, and you cried for her every night for 6 years?
What if you punished yourself every day that you did not think of her?
What if you no longer had a life, you had given it all for her?
What if you did not heal your longing heart, and it just longed for her more?
What if you didnít know if what you did was right?
What if you learned that she needed some one like you for all those times you ran?

What if throughout those 6 years you see An article of clothing unique to the one you love, randomly every day you received an email from her?
What if things happened that just kept leading up to another chance?
What if you had 5+ friends all at one moment tell you to go after her, the moment you get an email form her?
What if you were scared of tainting her with your sins and evil self?
What if you knew that you would have no more life if she said no?
What if you had your last chip of lifeÖ. And yet your first, and had the best opportunity to take it.

Things are too ironic, Things like this donít happen, and there is the article of clothing again!

Truly a sign, there is no way this is chance.
What if you didnít know how she would react to how you thought nothing but her for 6 years?
What if you didnít know how she would react to how you cryed for her every night for 6 years?
What if you didnít know what you would do to yourself if she said no?

6 years here is the chance, I took it, the first step unto the journey of all journeys.
Itís a healed heart or bust.

What would you do? If you got Emails from her Months apart?
What would you do now that you have a chance?
What would you say in one email?

Why do i cry, when im not afraid of the death i fear is soon near? What would you have done?

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