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I'm uber excited about an upcoming academic adventure. A study abroad trip to Russia I'll be going on this summer with the head of the Art History department (and subsequencially the man that's going to be my advisor through at the least my master's degree). The deposits on the trip were made last Monday, and now I'm down to getting the rest of the money to pay for the trip and course fees. Granted, I'll be doing at least the fees via an emergancy loan from the schools financial aid office, but they'll let me pay it back out of my summer I/II federal aid.

Any NAOees, going to be in Russia this June? And does anyone have any advice on what to do in Moscow (for a free day included in the trip)?


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Re: Russia!

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Thank God Jami you asked!
I lived in Russia for 13 years!
Sorry but i am not going there this summer, but dude your going to be in Moscow, you should see so many things!
I lived there.
It's a really cool place, but some things may seem wierd to you, i dont know its all up to you.
Like people dont usually drive their cars, because not everyone there has a car, so so many people you can see on the streets!
And like in US, we have like malls and food shops all placed togethere in one place, and there there are so many shops ans stores dawn the street! There is no such a thing as a shopping mall, we have so many stores in different places and like small, small stores with a fast food.
You should visit Red Square, but you know its kind of boring when somebody talkes a lot about it history (at least if you like it).
You should go and see ballet.
We have so many parks!!!!!!!
It's crazy! You should go to the park, or you should visit a lake up there, and a river!
BUT, it's so HOT there in summer! And a problem is people cant have a house up there, everybody lives in appartment, its a law!
So its so hot there! And people just go to the privet swim center.
The amazing thing is metro, its actually cool.
If you going to watch TV there, you should watch MTV channel, because only there you can listen to American music, we have the same stuff as here.
It really nice up there.
And the best thing ever is food!
Russian food id sooooooo good!
You should try it, its so different from here and its so much better. We have some dark bread. It so different from this one right here! Complitely different! You will love it, its so good!
We have the same food as here and drinks but we have like more stuff that you just cant find here.
So if you have any questions left just tell me.

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