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Feb 14, 2005 21:24 # 33002

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A New Start

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Well, its Valentines Day. The day i was planning for all week. That is until my ex-girlfriend dropped the time-bomb on me. But no worries. Im now over it, i think, i hope.

I got up all the stuff ive ever kept from her, all the poetry ive wrote about/for her, and pictures and stuffed them in a shoe box. A shoe box that im now planning to put away. To put away for a long time somewhere in my closet. Well, anything that goes into my closet is usually put a way for a long time, seeing it as the jungle it is.

Today is a new start for me. A new beginning for my mending heart. I will find another, somewhere and sometime that will love me as much as i love her. Until then, all i can do is be myself and live my life.

So, later some friends and I are going to the movies and then dinner. I forgot what we are seeing, but to eat we are going to Hooters. Nothing like mean hot wings and breasts, ehh. Maybe that will get my mind off of things.

It starts today...

Now are ye undeceived! Welcome, again, my children, to the communion of your race!

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