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Feb 15, 2005 17:44 # 33046

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Not being a lone Zebra amidst a world of Impala

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Being that I am not at the legal age to gamble I believe that I have an intelligence, wisdom, or thought process that is different from my pop culture addicted peers, I felt like a Zebra amidst a world of Impalas until I found a post between two men around my age about pop culture politics. After reading this post I was amazed at their level of intelligence, open-mindedness to each others views, and the fact that they even pay attention to something other than Britney's revealing clothes or J-Lo's big ass. So thanks NAO, not only do I have a wealth of knowledge on various topics with views from each side; it is written in a way that is inspirational to me. I believe that reading and posting here will help me write (and think) more coherently, and convey my thoughts in a manner that is not a jumbled paragraph of broken thoughts. This is so freaking awesome!

Off to a more meaningful place...

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