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Hunter S Thompson R.I.P

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Well, I just tried to post something i wrote and i lost it...I really hate when that happens. And then you dont feel like writing it all out again. I just wanted to mention how a really great author died this past week. For those of you who dont know Hunter S. Thompson is the author of such great books like, Rum Diaries, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hells Angels..etc..

The guy killed himself, whats with that, apparently he was fighting with his wife and she went out to the store and he shot himself...his ten or so year old son found him.

Hunter S. would think if he was going to commit suicide he would of gotten super mashed and drove his car off the grand canyon with a trunk full of drugs.

I just dont get it.
Rest in Peace H.S.T.
We should all pay a tribute buy reading his books and watching fear and loathing in las vegas and doing some hallucinogens.
unless of course you dont want to...:)

Only dead fish swim with the stream.......

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