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A Must See!- Older But Great!

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The Ninth Configuration is an American-made film, released in 1980. It is also known as: Twinkle, Twinkle, Killer Kane. It is directed by William Peter Blatty of Exorcist fame.

The film opens with a majestic Apollo rocket awaiting launch as a Jupiter-sized moon rises behind it. What follows is a bizarre film with about a group of shell-shocked military fallouts sent to a remote eastern-European-looking castle that has recently been appropriated by the American military as an insane asylum.

Stacy Keach, more recently of Titus and American History X fame, portrays incoming psychologist Vincent Kane. His interactions with the patients and other military personnel are irrational to the point of profundity. The frivolity of the first half of the film, which for the most part is written in the style of a comic farce, softens the viewer up for the shockers in the second half, as the central issues of the movie -- those of human suffering, sacrifice and faith -- drive the climax and denouement.

Blatty once referred to The Ninth Configuration as the true sequel to The Exorcist. Watch it and you might understand why.

I cannot rave enough about how amazing this film is. First off, you would never guess that Stacy Keach could kick SO much ass as an actor. Wow. I mean, my man mind as well have just called it a career after this one because he would never get this good again. As the ‘doctor’ he is almost somnambulant, seeming to be almost a ghost of a man as he tries desperately to help these madmen find their sanity, but at the end there is a shift and his true persona appears and that is where you see how amazing a job he is doing in the film, and that’s when your jaw will hit the floor.

All told, the acting of everyone in Ninth Configuration is wonderful, the actors creating lovable madmen that all seem to have something more just under the surface, in a place we will never see.

This is one of those movies you never hear about but need to see. Smart, funny, and beautifully tragic, this is what good storytelling is all about. No special effects, no explosions, nothing over-the-top, just pure acting, pure writing, and pure pleasure- the way I like it...

Memorable Quotes- very quotable movie...

[Captain Cutshaw stomps in wearing scuba flippers]
Captain Cutshaw: Take me to the beach.
Colonel Kane: It's night, and it's raining.
Captain Cutshaw: I see you're determined to start an argument.

Here, take this...It's a suicide pill with a mild laxative side affect.

The man on the moon tried to fuck my sister. (personal favorite)

Going to the moon was naughty, impolite, uncoth and in any case bad for his skin.

Want little more on it and some tid-bit of scenes;-9th Configuration

So, there is my speil on this absolutly fabulous movie. Iv'e ahd, know about, it for aobut 10 months now, and I have watched it too many times to count. Do yourself the favor of at least watching it once- for the love of God!

Now are ye undeceived! Welcome, again, my children, to the communion of your race!

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