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Mar 02, 2005 19:50 # 33707

Prothonotary * wants to know...

Teenager in search of college info

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Currently I am looking for colleges to go to and I was wondering if anyone would help by suggesting some colleges that have strong programs in Architecture, Media Arts, Multimedia, Graphic Design or Computer Engineering. If any of you have some colleges in mind, please share them with others and me so that I may have a wide range of options to look into.


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Mar 02, 2005 22:26 # 33713

Magnifico *** replies...

Re: Teenager in search of college info

I have a friend interested in Architecture, Engineering, and the like, and he plans to attend Rose-Hulman, in Terre-Haute, Indiana. He says it's a pretty good college, and it hasn't really been "discovered" yet.

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Mar 03, 2005 03:38 # 33722

eljefe *** replies...

Re: Teenager in search of college info

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Well, for good engineering/architecture, I highly suggest you check out University of Texas at Austin. While I myself am going to be an Aggie (only for this program), I've grown up with UT parents and I know the stats. UT has been ranked between 10 and 15 of the top international colleges. Only other public school to beat it was Berkely. Whether or not that is completely true, UT has an incredible Architecture and Engineering program. I don't know about graphic design and all that though.

Even with out of state tuition you could get private quality cheaper. Plus Texas just kicks loads of ass...

This all assumes you are going to college in the states ;)

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Mar 03, 2005 20:05 # 33755

mclaincausey *** replies...

Re: Teenager in search of college info

UT is also among the top 5 computer science schools every year, so the computer engineering should be nice too. Shows you what oil money can do!

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Mar 03, 2005 22:56 # 33757

eljefe *** replies...

Re: Teenager in search of college info

Don't I know! You should see some of the houses around in my town (Tyler, Texas). We are where the rich east texas oil wildcatters settled. We've got 7, count 'em, 7 private high schools!

A&M's got money too, only A&M builds such loyalty it's ridiculous. I could make double in scholarship money at A&M than what I could at UT with better grades because the "former students" give so much back (I think the figure is 30% of former students contribute at A&M while only around 15% or less contribute at UT).

UT has also got a kick ass pharmacy program, if anyone is interested in that field of venture. Both my parents graduated from the program, and one is very successful (but the other is kind a temp with a license so they could do family and community stuff...)

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Mar 04, 2005 00:39 # 33761

mclaincausey *** replies...

Re: Teenager in search of college info

If I wind up in Austin (one of my favorite towns) after this degree, I would apply to UT's graduate program in CS.

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Mar 04, 2005 00:40 # 33762

ReallyCoolDude *** has all the information you need...

Re: Teenager in search of college info

A&M's got money too, only A&M builds such loyalty it's ridiculous.

I know what you mean! My previous boss at Compaq was from A&M, and he used to talk about it a lot. One of my colleagues, whom I managed was also from A&M. He used to visit his campus (from Houston) every alternate week, and was so much attached to his college.

My cousin graduated from UT (Austin), in Naval Engineering, and so did his friends, and all of them have very high praises for UT. And, of course having lived in Austin for over 1.5 years, I must say, Austin is a beautiful city, a student's paradise. It's also supposedly the musical capital of the USA, with live music in every pub in downtown, 365 days a year. Lots of lakes, nice scenary. Austin is the only place where you won't realize that you are in Texas :-).

BTW, any idea which colleges would be best for Investment Banking. I have been thinking lately to go back to college whenever I get some time, and would like to look at Investment Banking as a career option (that is, if I don't get into the Vancouver Film School). Also, any inputs on what people think about changing careers at the age of >30? Am I the only one who is thinking about changing careers so late in the game?

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Mar 04, 2005 00:43 # 33763

eljefe *** replies...

Re: Teenager in search of college info

Investment banking? That sounds like one of those degrees thats good anywhere, you just look for overall academics. So I figure any big college. I know one guy who's going to A&M for accounting, but I've never really looked into that.

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Mar 04, 2005 14:01 # 33802

Hawkeye *** replies...


Clemson University is known for its engineering background (like MIT is for mathematics). I am myself a computer science major here. It's quite challenging, but I enjoy it. Beautiful campus, good cafeterias, ... give it a looksee.

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Mar 04, 2005 23:21 # 33808

NiQuE ** replies...

Think about it....

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I was also thinking of enrolling in some type of graphic arts, or web design course.. Then I talked to one of my friend's boyfriends who has actually gone all the way with graphic arts and told me that it isn't worth it. Unless you live in a huge centre, it isn't worth it at all. No jobs, no opportunity... He did the contracting thing for a while, but some people wouldn't pay him for months or other times he wouldn't have any work at all... So basically, it is a very risky business.. But I guess if you think you have what it takes and can take very big risks without reassurment.. Go for it! But I would probably stick to the computer engineering part.

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