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Mar 11, 2005 14:53 # 34109

everybodys_fool *** smiles...

Happy tears.

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Do you know how it is when you miss someone so much that you relive the memories that included that specific person? That's basically all my mind was filled with yesterday... Remembering every single detail. Of course, this could be a bad thing if the memories aren't pleasant. But my memories were very pleasant, so pleasant that they actually caused tears. How strange... happy tears... Anyways... Yeah, it makes me miss my friend so much, and it makes me realise everything i took for granted about him. I miss everything that makes him who he is.
Some people don't realise how much their friends love them.
I love how i start talking about one thing and go on to talk about another. I think i need to work on that.:D

Now we speak with ruined tongues, and the words we say aren't meant for anyone. -bright eyes-

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