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In an exciting development, I am to be a counselor at a Japanese-language summer camp this summer. Yes, once again someone is trusting me to teach a language to their children. Let's hope I don't confuse my hashi with my sushi or my sashimi with my tawashi.

Or very worst of all, a shoujo with a shojo. (Because while all shoujo [little girls] are [hopefully!] shojo [virgins], not all shojo are shoujo. Isn't lingusitics a joy?)

I'm enthused, mainly because it will be like going back to Japan for a few months, except that there will be more native English speakers than just the Roommate™, and it's a mere few hours drive from my home. I'm still waiting for someone to arrage for Japan to be moved closer to North America for my personal convenience. That would be nice. ;)

The only downside so far is that I had registered to run a 5K race on June 12, and that now falls during the staff orientation period, which means I don't get to run after all. :(

But as another friend of mine is often wont to say: "Every silver lining has a cloud."

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