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Hardballkid *** wants to know...

Who Won the First World War?

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Reviewing endlessly for my European history AP test, most recently WWI, it crossed me mind to ask the question, since not really presented with an exact answer, who won World War I? So, I have presented the most plausible answers to a constructive answer.

Was it the dauntless Belgians who held back the invading "Huns" while France and England made frantic preperations?

Was it the bravest and best of liberty-loving France who went to the front to die by the hundreds of thousands in defense of their women and children and the great republic that gave them liberty?

Was it the courageous and resolute English army that swarmed the devasted fields of France and Belgium to check the onward rush of the trecherous enemy?

Was it the spirited Italians who faced the military powers of Austria and drove them back in disorganized retreat and disaster?

Despite a disasterous outcome and turmoil on the homefront, was it the Russian zeal and its numerous soldier count that helped demoralize the German army and intensify the passion to win for the Allies?

Was it the great British Fleet that stood the test of time in the German outlets in the Baltic and North Seas?

Was it the American battleships and destroyers which, with deadly aim of keen-eyed gunners, drove the German U-boats from the waters of the Atlantic?

Was it Presidents Wilson's masterful speeches and messages to the American people and to the world, exposing German lawlessness, solidifying America's sentiment and arousing her gigantic power and resources?

Was it any or all of the many other nations that declared war against Germany?

Was it the two million of America's invincible soldiers who, under the heroic Pershing, eagerly entered battle with will to win- throwing their tremendous force against the Prussian war-monger?

Any ideas. Tell us who, who won it.

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Magnifico *** replies...

Re: Who Won the First World War?

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World War I was instigated by a combination of things; an obsession with rabid nationalistic fervour, the unstoppable march of war-profiteering capitalists, and politicians too caught up in their posturing and posing to take into consideration the effects of what they did. The massive destruction of World War I lasted long after the treaties were signed and the armies went home; it crippled the economies of many countries involved, caused widespread starvation, and was a massive factor in the rise of the Nazi state. The war destroyed some of the best and brightest young men of the Western world, both by crippling or destroying their bodies and breaking their minds. Men went in the hundreds, the thousands, to fight for their countries' calls of "A daytrip to Paris!" and "Stop the Hun!" without considering they were being led like sheep to the slaughter. I don't know who said it, but in this case they were certainly write when they said "Mankind can no more win a war than it can win an earthquake."

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Salvial_Ten *** throws in her two cents...

Re: Who Won the First World War?

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None of the above. The "real" winners of WWI (and WWII for that matter) were the manufacturing corporations on both sides that profited to a near countless extent from the bloodshed and destruction that the war had to offer...The same can be said for the medical supply corps that made millions off of the constant need for medical supplies. Or maybe the winner was the pharmaceutical merchants that sold penicillin and pain killers by the ton. Though, taking all things into account it was the corporations that built and sold guns, bullets, and large amunitions that really took the win.


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Hawkeye *** replies...


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"War does not determine who is right and wrong, but merely who is left."

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XxSweetnDevilXx * replies...

Re: Who Won the First World War?

I beileve that the Triple Entente that was made of Great Britain, France, the US, and their allies won WWI.
Russia pulls out of the war in 1917 and the German shift from the eastern front to western front. Then later on Germany collapse. Austria Hungry surrendered, Kaiser gives up this throne. And German made an armistice which ended the war.

22 million deaths
20 million wounded
330 billion was the cost of war
U.S- 118,000 deaths 67,000 death/disease
200,000 wouned-U.S

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andromacha *** feels excited about...

Re: Who Won the First World War?

Hey hey... there was also Italy as the US allies!! Gotta remember this, considering how lousy we've been about WWII. We have been on the good side too sometimes :P

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null throws in his two cents...

Re: Who Won the First World War?

Haha, the Italian army's glorious war-time flag: white eagle on white background :-P

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andromacha *** replies...

Re: Who Won the First World War?

Hahahah very funny indeed, null ;)

Italy no longer accepts illegal immigrants. Mr. B sink their boats!!!!!!!

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Deimos ** replies...

Re: Who Won the First World War?

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The winners of the moment were the soldiers that didnt see the front, and the men who managed not to get called up.

Of course, after the war, things got a bit difficult anyway.

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