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yup :)

Note that, u. o. u., s. is not a computer program and his answers might not always be appropriate.

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Re: Women

Could you explain that a little better to us? :-) We'd like to comment :-)

"Sie wollen nichts anderes. Sie wollen kämpfen! Sie sind Soldaten! Fucking Wahnsinnige!" - Noel G.

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Re: Women

nope, i won't. it was just the moment :)

Note that, u. o. u., s. is not a computer program and his answers might not always be appropriate.

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Re: Women

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I fully agree!

God has given men the ability to make a mess out of any good situation, and women come and completely turn the situation around.

One example:- I have managed to clutter my house so much in the last 2 months (I have been living kind-of-a-bachelor's life since then), that I need to try very hard to search the things I need!

Even though, bachelor life rulz ...

...(I just love the aroma of the trash-bins lying around, the clothes on the sofa, the unopened boxes from the last time I moved stuff from Austin to Houston. I mean I consider myself lucky if I find a place to stand or walk in my computer room, I like it's dual usage as a junk-yard and as a computer room. So what if the lights are all fused up, I like it dark in the bedroom. So what if the bills are piling up, I will clear the mess up, when I get time! I love to use the dish-washer as a storage, and just adore the fact that the sink can be used a storage too, don't you guys love to see the dishes piling up! I love the dirt accumulating on the household items, it gives a very nice contrast to the look of the things...)...

...I know that as soon as my wife joins me back out here, I will start living a different life altogether, forgetting all the things I love so much, and falling in love with the new life-style - neat and clean rooms, and everything in order, a disciplined life!

Women are great, I admire them!

Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye opener.

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Orchid *** replies...

Men come from jungle, women from civilization? ;-)

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I hope your wife won't be too shocked... ;-)

I love evolution biology and behavoury and I always have to smile how ape-like we're all. I mean: The woman was always there to make up an organized family-life and the man was always there to search for wild animals to eat. It's still in our genes. A bachelor with a cleaned-up room? Impossible. If, he must be gay I think.
On the other sides, a woman always needs a basic cleanity to live. If there is none, she won't feel comfortable and do everything she can to get the feeling of comfortablity.

There are always coming up amusing stories of boys and girls who get together. The first time she visits him, he probably cleaned up for her, but very soon the bachelor life comes to the surface. But women know how to make a home a home. Carry Bradshaw once told us the little story of her and Mr. Big. She was very proud when she had her first bowel movement on his toilet. OK, that's a bit exagerated. Women always hate the fact on a relationshipt that they're not living together with
him not maybe because of feelings and bad circumstances(that's my part) but mostly because it's such a hate always to have to move around with suitcases/bags with essential things like clothes, cosmetica, handbags, shoes etc. (Thank god that I'm not so vain like my friend who has to move around tons uf make-up ;-)
I once read the story about some boy and her new girlfriend Katrin, some student. First she filled his fridge (great! finally somethign to eat), then she cleaned the flat regularly (OK), she went on to hang on curtains (err...) and place crochet work on electronic devices (aaargh!) and then she bought some nice little ceramic duckies and put them on the windowsill (game over. leave my flat!)
I think I was never too ambitious in changing nulls bachelor flat into a sweet nice little home. :-) I mean, he has to live there and most important: It's the flat of my angel and my angel lives there, so whenever I'm there I feel like home and I feel love no matter if there are uneaten pizzas under the bed, unwashed dishes everywhere, clothes on the floor,... ;-) (Don't take this too serious, man! :-)
I always do the stuff I can as to clean dishes, hoover and so. That's enough for me and enough for null to bare :-) Because in his chaos there's a order that only he understands :-)
And last but not least: He has been developing this nice sense of making a home nice: He bought several nice things, he changed some furniture to make the rooms bigger and so on. What does a girl want more? :-)
--> move in ;-)

"Sie wollen nichts anderes. Sie wollen kämpfen! Sie sind Soldaten! Fucking Wahnsinnige!" - Noel G.

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