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Many of you will probably think I'm nuts, but I do things not to be sane. I read a book which touched on Out of Body Experiences (OBEs or OOBEs). Needless to say I was quite fascinated. They claimed they could float away from their bodies as if their soul were no longer attached to their body.

They float away, and others panick and return straight away to their bodies. A majority of OBErs claim they started when stressed or their bodies are physically tired but their minds are still quite awake.

While out of your body, you gain abilities one might think a ghost might have such as passing through walls, moving based on "will" alone, and being able to float. You also gain the ability to travel instantaneously based on thought. For example, "willing" yourself to be in Rome, Italy, you are there.

I consider myself a scientist, which means I keep an open mind. However, also being a scientist, I cannot prejudice myself and claim that a person is truly "out of his body" in such an experience. However the stories themselves are quite intreguing. At the very least, these dreams people experience seem quite realistic.

My curiosity has gotten the better of me, and I now am yearning to try this OBE experience for myself. They say it takes a lot of practice, so it isn't likely I will get this the first time. I will keep practicing, and I will keep you all posted on any progresses I make.

For you skeptics out there, feel free to tag along if you are open-minded enough to explore the possibilities. However if you are just going to categorically deny the existance of OBEs, please don't post here.

Here's a link of some guy who wrote down his experiences.


As I figure, if it is a bunch of rubbish, what have I got to lose? If it is true however, there is much to be gained as a consequence.

Anyone actually have any experience with this?

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Re: Obes


Yeah. I've had that kind of experience... but, then I'm sure there are those here who half-expected me to say that. Anyway, movin' on...

The first time I had that happen, I was freaked. The second time I was freaked. As you said, it can happen when you are physically exhausted, but your mind is still awake. At the time, I was enduring the projectile vomiting fits of salmonella poisoning, but I had ALSO been practicing yoga for two-and-a-half hours a day, five days a week, with the last hour-and-a-half devoted completed to corpse pose/sivasana. I'd also been practising Nada Yoga meditation, Yoga Nidra, and a little exercise from Malcolm Godwin's Lucid Dreaming called The Pineal Door.

I had no expectation that I would leave my body, but had read about it happening just the same. However, I was skeptical that it could actually happen, so when it did I was blown away. Not only by the experience of seeing my body lying on the ground without me in it, but also by the sound. The sounds I heard are well-documented in Yogic literature... and they came in quick succession. I heard some, but not all... and then everything converged into a full-body hum better than any orgasm I have ever had before or since. I got scared, and lost my concentration, and the sound sputtered out like a dying car engine. But while I was in the sound, I was also in a big black void for a minute... I then saw a rectangle with a circle in it, like a neon sign. It was blue-white and glowing... In the center of the circle, six hatch marks began to appear...I never did see what it was creating, but after I read a book that harold_maude hipped me to, I realized that it was the construction of the Tetragrammaton - which isn't just letters. I think that's what the book said. It was Egyptian symbology for creation. It was beautiful, and I was traveling through it, weightless.

The second time I saw a being of some sort, out of the corner of my eye... I couldn't make it out, but it seemed insect-like, and it was reaching it's tongue toward my ear which completely freaked me out. I was standing in my kitchen, I thought, but with furniture there that I don't own. On the counter was a small Japanese Tansu chest filled with herbs. I don't have one. I was reaching to pull open one of the drawers when this being touched my shoulder. It scared me so much, that the whole thing ended, and I felt like I had shrunk down to the size of a pinhead in my body, compared to the expansive feeling I had had for a moment.

I wonder if it will ever happen again.

I doubt that it will for me, without abstaining from alcohol and ingested substances that aren't good for you... so, actually, it is odd that you mention OBE's, because I have completely sworn off alcohol again, and am trying to treat meat as a condiment, while drinking as much water as possible, and eating skads of fruits and vegetables like I did before.

All I know is that everything that I did that led up to that experience made me feel so ALIVE!, and the experience itself did as well... but it scared me. And pretty soon after, I had fallen back into old habits with people I shouldn't have been with, because I was lonely. My goal is to reach the peace of mind I had back then, and if an OBE happens again, I will enjoy it immensely, and then try to pass it by...

When I had those before, I spoke with a guy from the Esalen Institute who was teaching a Yoga seminar that I took, and he said that I shouldn't dwell on it too much, or expect it to happen, and most of all, to be careful who I told about having it; because people might think I was nuts.

Well, people already think that... so what have I got to lose, I ask you? Ha! ;p

Enjoy the process of your journey, as much as your goal... and it's okay to make it a goal, as long as you have other goals beyond that. You know... you don't want the end of the vacation to let you down. And try not to misuse it and go to places where you aren't wanted. Some people do that... there are stories about 'Remote Viewing' and such activities, and people wandering around where they don't belong. That ain't cool.

And yeah, I've done that too... accidentally. Mind you. But once there, it was really hard to leave. So I understand when people do that, but it still isn't cool.

I had wandered into my ex-boyfriend's bedroom, and ran my hands over his back. This is the guy that I fell so deeply in love with... not the stalker. But then again, that incident seemed so dreamlike, whereas the other two did not, that I am not sure if I was just fantasizing, instead of actually being there... and yet, for a second, I could swear I smelled the scent of him, which I knew very well, because I had saved his undershirt from the last time he came over. So, maybe I was there, but I feel guilty about it and don't want to admit it to myself. Hmm.

I'm still not sure.

Anyway, just get lost in the process. Forget about the result, enjoy the process, and MAYBE it will happen. That's what I tell myself.

P.S. It was fascinating!

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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Re: Obes

This seems like an interesting subject, does it really require practice do you know or can an OBE happen without your will? i know nothing about it, the link you recommend looks like a lot of reading but ill be sure to check it out sometime. The reason i ask is because i have had an experiance of similar, which occured about a year ago, now its just a memory but at the time i was thinking about it hard the following days after, what happened was...
I was asleep on a blanket on the floor, then i wake up right, mentally im awake completely, and im 23 so obviously ive has a lot of dreams, a lot of them involved me looking at myself doing whatever was going on, but this was differant, unlike my brain just making something familiar or a random enviroment (isnt it werid what your brain can chuck at you in your sleep) and me watching it unfold. I was actually looking at myself where i was in reality asleep on the floor while floating up near the ceiling, i was so freaked out and in a way afraid, i cant describe the feeling, and maybe it was a dream but ive never had a dream like that in my whole life, mentally i was awake as i am now and capable of thinking that that was me there on the sofa asleep and im up here and im trying to wake up at this point, it didnt last long at all because all i was thinking in my head was "WAKE UP". So maybe that was an OBE i dont know.

I admire your outlook when you say

As I figure, if it is a bunch of rubbish, what have I got to lose? If it is true however, there is much to be gained as a consequence.

Keep us posted.


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