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Hymn to the JOY

So, let me just post here for the sake of convenience all my enthusiasm and my happiness.

Today I passed Germanic philology with a nice 25! The professor was simply a jerk, because he took away 5 points only because I did not remember from where the word "guoda" comes from. Everything else was just perfect though. He asked me to explain him the passages from TEUTA > THIUDA. Where the first one is Indoeuropean and the other is Gothic (instead of th there is a particular rune called thorn, but it's the same sound of th), then he asked me to talk about Norwish and then the darn translation.

Anyway, second good news is that I also passed the German tutorship! Woo hoo. It was really hard as I had stated earlier, but I don't know how I passed it in a sort of decent way. Isn't it good when everything seems to work out the perfect way?

For the sake of letting you know how hard it is to pass the German tutorship, I'll post here the results, which are also accessible from the Internet. I am kinda sure you'd be amused to see how many people did not pass it. Keep in mind that we had to have at least 18 in all the three parts in order to pass the whole exam.

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Re: Hymn to the JOY

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I'll post here

Heh, "Leseverstehen"? "Textproduktion"? Isn't that site coming from a place where they actually speak the language?

Update: I googled it up and people are actually using those words. What the hell? I never heard someone use them.

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andromacha *** replies...

For the record...

Well in the end I took my time and decided to count how many people managed to pass it. The result is alarming! They failed 91 people out of 148. Now, I am not very good in maths, but isn't that more than half of it?!

Today I met the Lektor I had last year and I was like hugging him because I was so happy. He said that it wasn't him to correct the grammar part, but that of course he was happy I passed it. For the record I got a 19 in grammar (heh the Perfekt Passiv with Modal Verben tricked me), an 18 in that fucked up Leseverstaendnis and 24 on the Textproduktion. Woo hoo! It means that I can actually write a couple of sentences in German that also make sense. We had to write a paper of at least 300 words. I think I hit the 320 or so. But it was very hard to write that much :P

This is a feeling I haven't had for a long time. Probably also because after the test I was feeling so down, thinking that I had fucked up the grammar so badly. I was already convinced that I had failed the grammar part, and that I would have had to retake it in September. But now I am so glad it isn't so. I still need to take the English tutorship for the 3rd year, and a German literature exam and then I can get my degree. I can't believe it yet. Please tell me I am not dreaming!

I mean, what else could I want more right now? I am here sitting in the kitchen with my brand new Dell laptop, I passed these two tough exams quite well considering the average, and in 3 days I will be going to America to spend time with my adorable Neil. Really.. what else could I want more than this?

Italy no longer accepts illegal immigrants. Mr. B sink their boats!!!!!!!

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