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North Korea and Nuclear Warfare

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I don't know much about the issue but this is what I do know...

In 1994, North Korean leader Kim Il Sung had declared he would freeze Korea's nuclear program and begin summit talks with Kim Young-sam. But, after 'ending' nuclear arms development, he died, leaving his country to his son, Kim Jong Il. 'The Dear Leader' remained silent for six years, but then, in 2000, became very vocal. In 2001, he demanded that the president of the United States recognize North Korea as a nuclear power and a sovereign country.

For the past few days, there has been quite a bit of talk about the relationship between the US and North Korea. "North Korea said Wednesday it would not need nuclear weapons if the United States treated it like a friend..." Read more here.

So I'm just curious what you guys think about this. It doesn't make sense to me that Korea would abandon everything they've worked for just so they can feel like they're America's 'friend'. But, of course, every country has a real agenda beneath their public face...

Anyway, comments, anyone?


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Magnifico *** replies...

Re: North Korea and Nuclear Warfare

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North Korea seems like a tough nut to crack. It's hard to tell if Kim Jong-Il's posturing has been just that, the self-aggrandizement of a leader trying simply to show his prowess to the international community (in a stupid way), or if he's completely bat-shit insane. From what I understand, Jong-Il is something of a hermit, and his government hasn't been entirely forthcoming with information about things like the train explosion at Ryongchon or the mushroom cloud over Kimhyungjik, so I'm not sure how comfortable I am with the idea of a nutter like this with a sharp stick, let alone nuclear weaponry.

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