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Jul 11, 2005 08:31 # 37037

Martin *** takes out his flame thrower...

9/11 - The movie

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So, that's how deep the anger, despair and disgust about the terrorist attacks of 9/11 goes. Actually it was just a matter of time, I guess, until it had to happen...

As announced on Friday, there are plans to bring the horror of 9/11 to the movie theatres in a major Hollywood movie featuring Nic Cage, directed by Oliver Stone - for all our entertainment. We will pay for getting shocked once again, and Hollywood, Mr.Stone and Mr.Cage will earn millions from it.

Yeah, probably they will donate .2% of their earnings to the victims-fund to just silence their own conscience. Nonetheless this is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard. Just the idea makes me puke.

There is absolutely nothing anymore in the world of business thats sacred. There is no ethics, no moral, when its about making money. On the contrary, they will even try to sell it to us as part of the process of coming to terms with the past. They will try to make it look as if they're helping victims and survivors. I can already almost hear those artificially concerned speeches about how it was finally necessary to make this movie for the health of a whole nation... blahblahblah... and all that remains in the end are the $$$ in their pockets.

I need this movie as much as a hole in my head.

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Jul 11, 2005 10:20 # 37048

null throws in his two cents...

Re: 9/11 - The movie

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There already exists a movie about 9/11. It's called 11'9"01, dates back to 2002 and (for all I know) still hasn't found a distributor in the USA because it's supposedly 'anti-American' (which is complete bullshit). The story: 11 internationally renowned film makers each have 11 minutes, 9 seconds and 1 frame to fill with whatever they want. 11 people present you with their personal (and often insightful) views of 9/11 and the events surrounding it, and none of them became filthy rich with the movie. If you have to see just one movie about 9/11 and can get your hands on this one, go see it (and also read the review on IMDB).

As for the action movie you've mentioned, I can honestly say it doesn't surprise me much that somebody is willing to capitalize on it. I do agree that it's disgusting tho.

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Jul 11, 2005 18:21 # 37064

Orchid *** throws in her two cents...

Re: 9/11 - The movie

For further information, above all, a short view into the script, check this out.

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Jul 11, 2005 17:19 # 37063

majic *** replies...

Re: 9/11 - The movie

I don't see how it's any different from making a movie about Vietnam, World War II, Peal Harbour, etc... The world as a whole is cut throat and nothing really surprises me anymore.

Jul 12, 2005 03:45 # 37070

Tetrazome ** replies...

Re: 9/11 - The movie

Usually there's a bit more time between the historical event and the movie based on it. Then again maybe that was just because of film technology and censorship.

I think it's really premature, it's hard to make a movie that can examine the full consequences and effects when they haven't really played out yet.

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Jul 12, 2005 04:14 # 37074

Aynjell *** replies...

Re: 9/11 - The movie

Meh, people will continue to pull this bullshit as long as we go to watch it. And the funny part is, pearl harbour beat the living pulp out of great movies like Final Fantasy in the box office.

I should be ashamed of myself.

Jul 13, 2005 17:13 # 37124

yoshi314 * replies...


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pearl harbour beat the living pulp out of great movies like Final Fantasy in the box office.

yeah that's sad. ff didn't even return the money that were put into it.

come to think of pearl harbor - how's that possible that people go to cinema to watch ben affleck? it's a total mystery to me - his every movie is a DISASTER. just when i see a preview and see his face i think "uh,oh - trouble". and i usually don't have anything to regret.

but on the other hand - squaresoft, makers of previous final fantasy movie are also doing a cheap thing - making a movie-sequel to final fantasy 7 game. they are hoping that fans will go for it, since ff7 was really an awesome game, and flood them with $$$. and by measuring a success of a movie they would judge is it worth to put out a ff7-2 game, probably, to flood themselves with even more $$$. ad infimum, i'm afraid.

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Jul 13, 2005 17:16 # 37125

Aynjell *** replies...


I'll go to see teh movie, and I'll buy the any other games that can return me to that world. Why? Because any yahoo can come up with a story that happens after that, but I wanna know what square says happens next. They never let me down in the first title, so I'll continue to ride the wave of goodness.

But yeah, them making money aside, do you really think it's gonna be bad?

I should be ashamed of myself.

Jul 13, 2005 18:04 # 37129

yoshi314 * replies...

Re: Hehe...

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Well actually i do. if they find that FF7 is a chicken laying golden eggs, they'll exploit to the end. also remember this

"sequel not equal"

"Life is a queue. You come in, hang around for a bit, get some service, then depart."

Jul 13, 2005 20:58 # 37136

Jaz *** replies...

Re: 9/11 - The movie

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And the funny part is, pearl harbour beat the living pulp out of great movies like Final Fantasy in the box office.

I'm having a hard time deciding which of both is worse. Would someone force me to watch them in sequence, I think I'd just contract a terrible desease and die the same night.

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