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Body Modification!

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So I broke down and let two friends talk me into going down to Trilogy, a local Tat/Pierce shop, and get my eyebrow pierced. I'm a bit of a nancy-boy, especially when it comes to the matter of needles, especially those entering my being, but I've gotta say, feeling that bar go through my flesh is an amazing and indescribable feeling. There's the nervous tension as you scrunch up, every muscle in your being tensing up in preparation for the inevitable puncture, then the visceral release as the needle passes through flesh and your brain releases those wonderful endorphins.

I got a barbell (crooked, of course, so as not to interfere with my beloved facial expressions) on my right eyebrow, and I'll be damned if I'm not hooked. It's awesome! I'm not fortunate enough to have the kind of face that's good for many of the piercings available, just the genetic luck of the draw, but I think the eyebrow looks really good, and I might be getting a tragea industrial (with the bar passing through two points in the ear, lots of cartillage) as soon as I work up the courage.

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Re: Body Modification!

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I know exactly how it is Magnifico. I got both of my nipples done before my friend left for Boston. But after it's done, all I did was kick back and relax as the endorphins kicked in because I did one right after the other. I'm glad you enjoyed it though cause some people freak out about it.

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Re: Body Modification!

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I can totally resonate with your experience. I've had several piercings beyond the de rigeur 'earlobe piercings' that a lot of girls get around the teenage years, or boys, for that matter.

The first was along the cartilage of my right ear. Then I got my tragus pierced. That little flap of flesh on the ear next to the skull. That one hurt like a mother, and felt as if it were going into my skull. I had a splitting headache for days...

Then... I got two more in the cartilage of each of my ears; and may I say unequivocably, that those were positively euphoric! I walked down the street humming from the endorphins. I felt like I had smoked two fat joints. I liked it so much I let the piercings grow back and had them redone just for the experience.

Then I got my navel pierced. That one freaked me out a little. Just as the piercing guy was about to pierce my flesh, I said: "Do you really think we should do this?" And it was done. And I was euphoric as well.

After that, I decided to get my nose pierced. That one sent shock waves through me, and I had a severe panic attack. I freaked. All the others had been relatively fine, but that one made me tremble like a leaf, and my piercer sat and smoothed my hair and told me everything would be okay. It was intense. My nose wasn't my favorite, but I don't plan on doing it again. I doubt I'll do anything below the waistline, but you never know.

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