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Childish Games

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That's right. Duck duck goose. Red light green light. Tag. Dodgeball.

..oh, except most of the games now have tackling.

When I got to college I discovered a club so weird, so bizarre, so cool, it deserves a post here. At Kalamazoo College in Michigan, there is the one and only Childish Games Commission.

The entire point is to have fun playing the same games you did as a kid. Bull dog, where you have to pick your opponent up off the ground in order for them to be out, is particularly interesting as adults :)

If any of ya'll are still in College, it's a great club idea. The senior who started it was deemed "Dictator of Fun" and makes a choice when the group can't come to a decision about what to play. It's also rather quirky, for example, instead of "duck duck goose" we say "rick rick moranis." And when you're patting people's heads you can say the name of any character that rick moranis played in a movie, so like, "dark.. dark.. dark.. HELMET!"

It's awesome :)

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