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Getting your very first Blythe doll...

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Okay. I try not to get caught up in consumerism, but blast it! I love stuff. And now, I have a brand-spanking new Petite Blythe doll. She isn't a foot long, she is only 4 inches in height, which makes her perch perfectly on my Kogi computer screen. Her name is Orange Munchkin, and she has painted fishnets on her legs. Right now she is wearing the French maid dress with a pair of devilishly black glasses, through which she peers with her green eyes. Her fiery orange hair comes almost to her feet. She has a star tattoo on her right cheek, and purple lips. She is so cute!

I had two dolls when I was little. A Raggedy Ann and a Barbie. That is if you don't count the handmade cat stuffed with pantyhose that my mom made me one of...she used to make them for the church bazaars.

So my little girl, has sexy underclothes, and hair that I can comb, and braid, and put in a pony tail, and a bun. She has a witch's cape and hat for Halloween, and a trick or treat bag. I think I'll call her Linda Lou, after an old friend of mine with very long orangy-red hair.

Oh, my consumed heart remembers fondly reading Ruth Ann Long's Witches, Ghosts, and Goblins...a book that apparently inspired the Harry Potter series; and yet, I still long for a full size Cinnamon Girl or Rosy Red. Hard to get. *sighs*

Oh well, like I need any more shit. I'll be content with Linda Lou sitting atop my computer. She cost me $30, and I bought her a week ago when I found out that I had $40 available on my credit card. It was like an early Birthday present to myself, but I couldn't resist opening the box and playing with her. I feel so childish! :-)Simon Doonan would call her the ultimate Wacky Chick.

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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Re: Getting your very first Blythe doll...

Mademoiselle Rosebud just got sold. *pouts* Another victory in the objectification of...dolls.

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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