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Jun 03, 2002 17:11 # 3752

Jaz *** smiles...

It finally arrived

Ask Ettena any of my friends: I wasn't of much use for the past days, simply because the f*ing thing just wouldn't come. But now, after six days of mere torture it finally arrived!

The SIM hasn't been unlocked yet, so all that's left for me now is writing this post and watching it recharge... boy, I think it's the second most beautiful thing I've ever watched :)

My next project is writing the best WAP RPG ever. And, yes, you can already read's forum topics wireless with your handset if you find out the URL :)

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Jun 03, 2002 17:24 # 3755

null throws in his two cents...


So The Quest finally has an end. :-)

Useless but geeky hint: After typing *#06# and hitting "Info" twice, you can use the number keys to produce some fancy screen effects. Should keep you busy until the SIM card works ;-)

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Jun 04, 2002 08:03 # 3765

schatten * replies...

Re: It finally arrived

got this one too :)
now i can dial home from my notebook ;>

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