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Jul 31, 2005 17:40 # 37718

Jaz *** has all the information you need...

A game that's creative, fun and actually exists

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Someone needs to hire this guy and pay him truckloads of money to produce more of the same.

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Aug 01, 2005 02:06 # 37722

charlie *** replies...

Re: A game that's creative, fun and actually exists

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Yeah, it's great. I think most of the other games on that site are pretty good too.

It's too bad there are only four of five games there.

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Aug 01, 2005 03:50 # 37725

Aynjell *** replies...

Very interesting...

First time I played it, I was like, what the hell is he talking about. Then I realized, jaz likes well thought out and fun games, theres more to this. Sure enough!

Thanks for the link, man.

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