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Risen from the dead

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Thanks to a friend of my mother, I was able to purchase a so-called Universal Notebook Power Adaptor via eBay. And now, after re-assembling all the components I've removed from my notebook to get it back on-line during the last 2 years or so, thanks to that big nasty HDD crash it had back then, I've connected it with the (of course correct set) above mentioned power adaptor - and whoops!

It's back again! Back from the dead! 8-)

Currently I'm installing Win2k Pro, next on some linux distro is going to be installed for proper dual-booting, and from then on, all my important data will be stored on USB flash memory ONLY (SanDisk Cruzer Mini 512 MB). I dont think it'll crash like it did 2 years ago, because back then, the power adaptor wasnt strong enough, but better be on the safe side than later to be sorry. ;)

cu, w0lf.

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Its super good you have technology and its working ^_^
I'd give a bit of myself for a piece of techie stuff, but thats cause I'm poor.

-holds out a tin can and a sign that says 'Will eat 4 fud'-

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