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Aug 08, 2005 09:06 # 37915

rosyxxx *** feels excited about...

I can hold Peacock pose away from the wall!

Yeah! *jumps up and down* <no, this is not spam>

Claps. Heh he. I finally bit the bullet, and did something that I have never, ever done before. I haven't even tried, because I figured I wasn't strong enough yet. But last night, I was doing my 1 1/2 hour yoga practice on a night off, and I went up into headstand, and decided to unclasp my hands, place my palms beside my head and lift my head to go directly into peacock pose. It worked!!!! I held it, albeit with my knees bent instead of my legs straight, but I held it. Yay!

What's even cooler, is that I did this only a week after being down for the count with a nasty variation of the flu, topped off with a cold. Seems my recuperative powers are gaining. Yay!

In the past I have only attempted those inverted postures seperately. I do headstand away from the wall for about five minutes, with a whole lotta leg variations. And then I turn into a little weenie, and have to do my handstands and peacock pose against the wall. You'd think, if I can hold Crow pose for a few minutes, and that's not so much strength as mental strength...that I could do peacock pose too. And I can.

THAT ONE, was truly all in my mind. I feel so excited. I wish I had a picture. It was so energizing. My back is a little sore probably just from the stress of worrying about it, cause I can hold that pose once I walk my feet down the wall. Or maybe, it is because I have been working on 'diamond pose', and that is not only strengthening my forearms, but increasing the stretch in my back as well. And hey, backbends are supposed to be good for opening the heart. So, 'diamond pose' and conversely 'peacock pose' with my legs bent and my back arched are great for that. Nothing like being vulnerable in a controlled environment. Heh.

I know I am healthy. If I weren't, I'd be back on the floor gasping for air the way I was six months ago... The hardest part is coming back to it, and wishing you could do what you did before... and now, I have surpassed that. Let's hope I can continue to focus on that positive accomplishment. I'd venture to suspect here, that if holding that pose is primarily mind over matter (once your physical health is no longer debatable), and an issue of concentration...then somehow my mantra practice has contributed. Most of my thirties I haven't been as strong as I was in my twenties, but I've gotten stronger. Who am I kidding? I go up into headstand at least a dozen times at work everyday, and that isn't even yoga. It's yoga when I do it at home. And it's yoga when the power of my concentration allows me to do something that I probably could have done all of these years, but believed that I couldn't. Out of fear.

Well, I am still afraid. But I am gonna do it anyway...{scuse me for paraphrasing Susan Jeffers}

*runs around the room cheering one last time*

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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Oct 12, 2005 01:35 # 39448

Aynjell *** replies...


Got a picture of somebody in the peacock pose? I get the feeling it's some strange manuever with the body... upside down? I couldn't do it and I can tell you that now. I can barely do push-ups. :(

I should be ashamed of myself.

Oct 22, 2005 21:56 # 39784

rosyxxx *** replies...

Re: Hrm...

Disclaimer: Before I go, I plan to have the curteousness and decency to reply to everyone who replied to me on topics other than what I most recently wrote in my journal.

If you pick up a book at the library or bookstore on Sivananda Yoga, there will be a picture of peacock pose. The Sivananda Yoga books are more likely to contain them. I don't currently have a pic culled from looking online, but I can tell you that it is a lot like headstand, except that only your forearms are supporting you, as your head, and your eyes should be staring at the back wall. I don't know if that helps create an image or not. :/

Otherwise, take care. Though we've had our tiffs James, I like you very much. Please feel free to e-mail me from now on.
You are more than welcome.

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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