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Mechanical Pencils

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Warning: The following is blathering on a completely random (seeming) topic. By reading beyond this point you hereby acknowledge that you are about to fill your brain with something short of being useful information. :)

Okay, I know they've been around at least as long as I've been alive and old enough to use a pencil, but that doesn't mean I can't find joy in them. Mechanical Pencils.

I'm writing this after spending four or five hours yesterday working on the begingings of a piece of portraiture (posted on my deviantart at current) and getting frustrated with all the general lack of small detail in the face. And that's when I decided to just pick up my good ole .7mm and get cracking. A small amount of detail finally started to come through, cheifly at the corner of the mouth, and the little cleft in the nostril.

An hour full of frustration had finally been relieved, and the whole face finally started coming together as a unified body, instead of just alot of parts that didn't appear to belong to the same piece of material.

But drawing isn't the only reason I love the little plastic devils. I love the fact that as you use them the fuselage doesn't shrink. It stays the same, comfortable, length in your hand and when the lead is gone, you pop in a few more sticks and you're good to go. None of that digging out and sharpening mess.

Oh, and how much neater my handwriting is when I use one. So much smaller, and easier to read. And true to pencil form, if I mess up I can go back and erase it. Unlike with pen where even the "erasable" kind really doesn't really remove the mark. (At least not in my personal experiance.)

I love you mechanical pencils. Even if you are an inanimate object. <3


--Jami Yeah, that's gonna sting in the morning.

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