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Linux powered car :O

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i found it in a gentoo newsletter. shocking. and cool too :D

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Re: Linux powered car :O

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I have not posted nor had the time to post or even look at this site for that matter in almost a year.(I suck don't I?)

The first post I ran across was about this sites drought and in the process of reading post So... when are you gonna call it quits?I decided that maybe a few old posted did not have the proper umph to get any attention. This one for example. I really don't mean to pick on you yoshi314 but I was actually going to post this site and try to start a discutian when I found this post making it the lucky winner (sorry).

On to the topic at hand : )

This dude is awesome. I have often thought of building a full audio/visual/gaming system for my '97 Acura Integra but have not found an artistic whay of making it look cool. Having all the technical experience to build it and write the proper software I was always lacking one major thing. I have no idea how to make custom moldings.

That's it. I didn't want to build it because I know it would be duck taped on and jerry-rigged together.

This is no longer the case thanks to this, and I plan on building something similar soon.

Perhaps somebody could provide me with some more links on small space custom molding that would help my future project?

Thanks, ~ The Penguin Stalker ~ Im a pogramar... Iam a programer... I'm a programor...I write code.

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