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Aug 23, 2005 00:12 # 38300

betty *** is unsure about...

Limbo isn't all that bad I guess

I left my boyfriend, which means I moved out of his house and now I'm sleeping on my parents' couch. I don't earn enough money to pay rent on an apartment. My boyfriend wants me to move back in , my best friend wants me to move to Colorado (manymanymanymany miles away).

I'm afraid to make any decisions. If I move back in with my boyfriend, then I am accepting a relationship that needs a lot of work with a man that I dearly love. If I move to Colorado I can start anew, get my self back, and make the final cut with my boyfriend.

Today was my day off at work, and I have slept all day long. I think I am trying to avoid conscious thought. I'm not ready to draw any lines yet, i know I will have to soon because i can't stay here.

I am just me, searching for simplicity.........and a good hair stylist

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