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Jun 10, 2002 15:49 # 3839

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My first month in NAO

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I completed my first month in NAO on 6th June. It has been an overwhelming experience. My life has completely changed since I joined NAO.

Some highlights of 1st month on NAO, which I would like to cherish.

+ got to know some very nice people.
+ discovered a hidden talent in me (writing endlessly long posts).
+ ranted-out a lot of my emotions, would have been difficult to handle the outbursts if there was no NAO, as didn't have anyone to talk to at my end.
+ some very nice and intellectual discussions on various topics did make my days


- due to the time differences and the firewall, did not get to chat with many people, and with those whom I did exchange a few messages, it seems pretty less. Hopefully in the coming month I will get to chat more with everyone.
- got carried away with few of my discussions
- got completely addicted to the site, and lost a lot of sleep :). Hopefully I will keep on contributing on a regular basis but will maintain a disciplined lifestyle, have more responsibilities now, got to bond with the little angel, she does not seem to recognize me and starts crying as soon as I hold her, or maybe she is angry at me for not being around when she was born!

Folks, just wanted to say thanks for being around.

Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye opener.

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