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Jun 11, 2002 23:01 # 3873

chris ** laughs about...

Eliza vs. Doctor

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I just got through laughing heartily. I started a conversation with Eliza by saying "Hey".

Then I fired up emacs and typed

M-x doctor

I fed them each other's responses for about ten minutes. It was hilarious. Eliza got offended, and the doctor psychoanalyzed her, then she tried to give friendly advice, which got psychoanalyzed, etc. It made my day.


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Jun 11, 2002 23:03 # 3874

ReallyCoolDude *** replies...

Re: Eliza vs. Doctor

You won't believe but I was thinking of doing exactly this yesterday. Unfortunately, I don't work on Unix based systems anymore, hence don't have access to Doctor. I was even wondering whether Eliza has been developed by Jaz as a wrapper around Doctor!

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Jun 12, 2002 06:22 # 3875

schatten * replies...

Re: Eliza vs. Doctor

the appropriate eliza friend would be a perl script, but jaz did not allow that :)

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