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rosyxxx *** can sympathize...

For those who love the five blades...

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Two important and interesting pieces of info: Haarlem, Holland is about 15 minutes outside of Amsterdam. I've been there. It's a beautiful little spot. It is apparently the origin of the first coffeeshop, and still has the most comfortable relations between coffeeshop owners and local law enforcement officials.

In a recent article, the local police of Haarlem were quoted as saying that they had seen no acts of violence, rape, or disruptive behavior...whereas at local alcohol bars (who would expect it?) there were numerous incidences of violence, sexual assault and delinquency.

But more important than this, for those of us who hate the draconian bullshit of the American government's war to include pot with hard drugs like heroin and cocaine that are nothing like each other is this:

50,000 different stickers of pot, weed, cannabis, ganja, hemp...for you to stick anywhere your little pothead heart desires. They are removable, initially. They feature varieties that don't always have the standardly known five leaves. Some beautiful artwork here folks! I personally would love to stick them all over my bathroom walls, as a sort of 'weed grafitti'...and then take the leftovers and plaster them on every public object I can find. What an awesome idea!

If you ever enjoyed pressing leaves as a kid, then you'll enjoy slapping these babies onto every object you find. Heck, they'd even make great seals for envelopes and cards. Stick them on your bills...heh...well maybe not that far...

Oh, how about when you get that desire at a metal/alternative fetish bar to drop your top, and cover the nipples with black electrical tape? Just use these instead. Pot leaves on your boobs. It makes a statement for sure...To my knowledge they are not 'scratch n' sniff' and so its doubtful that they contain any illegal THC. Personally, I love that Hemp Seed shampoo put out by Alterna. They used to have a little baggie of hemp seeds (no THC in them) hanging around the neck of the bottle. I displayed that prominently in my shower. Hemp seed oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, just like fish oil. Great for your hair follicles. I know mine's growin' like a weed. *snorts*

There's one thing for sure, the world needs to lighten up. I know I needed to...

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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Re: For those who love the five blades...

Oh yeah. I just had to say something for my lady Mother Nature. She rules. The northern lights are shining, and my little two weeklong episode of mania is coming to an end. I so happy! *does happy dance*

*sips cup of herb tea* This has saved my life once again. I am about ready to volunteer myself as the first study participant when the ban on testing is lifted. Either that, or move to California, where they would likely treat me exactly the way I have been treating myself...with relaxation techniques, healthy eating, regular sleep schedule, and the colors green and red.

And finally, finally the love of my life understands what has been happening to me...I think he finally realizes that the person I am now, is who was peeking out at him from under a blanket of fear several years ago. This is the real me. This is the normal me. This is the happy me, with moderately bad days, and occasional expansive moods; but not that horrible stuff before. It seems that last week was simply a reminder of how bad it used to be, but not quite as bad. It served its purpose in reminding me just what I was like to deal with not too long ago...

And I hold Mother Nature primarily responsible for saving my life. I wouldn't be the first person to have said this...on a number of counts. This shit beats the artificiality of Prozac any day, and the jitteriness of Wellbutrin, the lethargy and loss of affect with Depakote, the agitation of Topamax, or the risk of addiction to Xanax. All of those are legal, and in my opinon lethal to me on many counts.

Green is my color, honey. Green is the color of life, and I am back feeling safe to be alive again. I hid it as best I could, but the last couple of weeks have been agitated by having to ration. Hell, the same thing would happen if I had to consistently run out of Depakote or Seroquel when I was on them. But the law and the medical profession outside of California doesn't think about that do they? I've taken that stuff prescribed by a doctor, and having to do without it has been more devastating than this...

I truly wish that someday the medical profession, the DEA, and our government will wake the heck up, and smell the....roses. ;p

My mind is made up...not like my bed, which is a mess.

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