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Italian stockings and books...? That's Right!

My objective is to flood the "What Rules!" column with cool stuff, and eventually have the number of posts in that column equal the ones in the you-know-what column...

Well, if you know anything about me, then you know that I love clothes, jewelery, and books. In reverse order of preference. More specifically, I love stockings: stockings with garters, pantyhose, thigh highs, and knee socks. But mostly pantyhose. A very close 'friend' of mine doesn't understand what I see in pantyhose, and he only prefers....(no not Hanes), he prefers Victoria's Secret thigh highs with lace at the top, or stockings with garters.

Me? I absolutely adore the creative and sexy pantyhose offered by Calzetrasparenze. What rules even more, is that every single one of their 'stock' photographs is of a young lady wearing pantyhose, strategically placed next to: Stacks of old, dusty musty books. The 'Baudelaire', 'Bergerac', and 'Sartre' are just so.....restraining. I meant to say, I need self-restraint. Be still my beating heart. If I were a dude who loved books and women equally this would now replace the Victoria's Secret catalog in the bathroom. As it is, I fantasize about owning the stockings, and modeling them myself next to my own 'stacks of books' for a very special friend. Only.

But really, whoever came up with that marketing idea, was freakin' brilliant! Brilliant I say! The 'quality' stockings should be purchasd in 'quantity', says my consumerist heart. The other side of me says: "Stop, there are plenty of pantyhose to go around."

Additionally, as far as product 'quality', these stockings rule! Only one pair of the ones I bought in Italy in 2002 has experienced a run yet. I love these stockings. Love them. I have my eye on a few, but alas....they are but a 'pipe dream' (or stem dream) for now...I saw a few last year that made me drool. Now, the 2005-2006 collection is here, and they are just spectacular. I'm soothing the savage beast by wearing a pair of the ones I do have today. Yay for pantyhose!

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