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Jun 23, 2002 22:44 # 3977

skelmonkey * posts about...

Lake Vostok

trying yet again....
has ANYBODY heard anything in the past week from the lake vostok, antarctica drill site?
it's suddenly totally silent
something VERY weird is going on

Jun 24, 2002 14:29 # 3980

Orchid *** replies...

Re: Lake Vostok

Sounds like an x-file... (no kidding here!)

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Jun 24, 2002 17:09 # 3983

ReallyCoolDude *** throws in his two cents...

Re: Lake Vostok

AFAIK (As far as I know), scientists had said earlier that there can not be any complex life-forms in Lake Vostok because of it's nature. But, definitely, there will be life-forms which are unknown to us, but very very primitive. If they do find some complex ones, then it will be interesting to learn how they thrived under such an environment.

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