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baexcell *** wants to know...

Problematic Install

A good friend of mine came to me about a month ago and said that their computer had ceased to properly work. As I did not have the time available to immediately investigate the problem, I told them to download a virus scanner (they used Norton) and see if that was part of the problem. According to what they told me, the scan revealed a number of problems, but most of them were fixed by Norton. Unfortunately before they could get them all removed, the computer unexpectedly rebooted and will not boot Windows long enough to try to fix it. At this point, I gave him a Knoppix Live CD, thinking it would allow him to continue using his computer until I could fix it. Over the course of the time with the CD, he has decided that he would like to move to a Linux-only configuration on his computer, so yesterday he came over and I spent the night trying to accomplish just that. However, it didn't work. The partition software on the install discs would not properly load any of the times I tried them. To check and be sure. we ran 5 hours of memters, and came up with all passes.

Before I go any further, I will answer the questions that are probably running around about the type of Computer and the Install discs.

Sony Vaio PCKG15? Laptop
60 GB HDD (currently split into a 20 and a 40 gb NTFS partition, as received from manufacturer)
512 mb RAM
P4 processor

Install Discs:
Knoppix 3.9
Ubuntu 5.10

I was wondering if any members of the wonderful community can help me find a solution to this problem before it drives me crazy.

Thank you for any and all help.

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null wants to know...

Re: Problematic Install

Is the partitioning software the only problem? Because if that were the case, I'd suggest you just use another partitioning software.

Mandrake's installer for instance has never given me any problems, but if all else fails, you could just create a BartPE CD and use Diskpart, or start a new Windows NT/2k/XP install and when it lets you choose the partition to install to, there should be an option to delete the existing partitions.

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ginsterbusch *** has a suggestion...

Re: Problematic Install

My choice: Damn Small Linux - quickly downloaded (only 50 mb), and even may run as your hdd installed distro of choice - I never had any problems with this distro to get my computers working again. FIY: it's using cfdisk and Qtparted for partitioning.

If all fails, you still could try creating some bootdisk, putting XFdisk onto it and do the partitioning with that one.

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Magicdead *** replies...

Re: Problematic Install

Have you tried working with parted/gparted to partition from the live-cd or have you tried to run fsck to check the drive?

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